Free-Form Geometry: A Topological Approach, 2011 (Coming Soon)

An on-going essay on a more geometrically precise definition of the contemporary architects' approach towards free-form geometries......


Sunday Talks, Life Bar, London, 2009-10

A series of Sunday Talks on Parametric Architecture with few architects and urban designers, in Life Bar 2009-10.

On Topology (Essay), A. A. School of Architecture, 2007

The description of Topology in mathematics, although is not very the same as how it is used in architecture.....

Hyper-Geometry, Another Level of Deformation (Essay), A. A. School of Architecture, 2007

The best way for defining what I call ‘Hyper-geometry’ can be by comparing it with two other types of geometry: Euclidean......

Stochastic Processes (Essay), A. A. School of Architecture, 2007

Stochastic, from the Greek ‘stochos’ or ‘aim, guess’, means of, relating to, or characterized by conjecture and randomness......


Revitalizing Tehran City Centers, Khesht Architectural Consultants, 2003-04 (Coming Soon....)